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The engine  is a ductile type, three-phase, Asynchronous, short-circuited, single-walled winding and all its internal parts are water-, hydro- and water-cooled (30%) and pure Water (70%) non-toxic anti-corrosive propylene glycol by applying a special elastic membrane at the bottom of the engine where it Receives the volumetric fluctuations of the cooling liquid. The spin speed is 2,900 RPM.The motor is constructed in accordance with the European safety regulations CE and HMG.

Production process is certified according to ISO 9001/2015.Lubrication of its bearings and the cooling of its winding uses clean water. The outer engine housing is made of stainless steel AISI 316.

The stator core as well as the rotor are formed of silicon extrusion pads in such a way as to ensure strong insulation, less loss of hysteresis and ductility, also protected by special anti-corrosion dye.

The stator is divisible, its windings are inverse, while both these and the various joints between the winding and the cable are insulated with thermoplastic resin or PVC. And outer shell made of stainless steel. The rotor of the engine is dynamically balanced.

 The rotor shaft is made of high quality stainless steel (AISI 420), polished, while the friction surfaces            are stainless steel sleeves and the rotor cage is made of copper to ensure high electrical performance.

The bases of cast iron m / m GG25 bear the friction rings of the engine made of polycarbonate. For the axial loads of the m / c there is a self-adjusting thrust bearing at the bottom of the shaft, consisting of the base made of cast iron GG25, the synthetic resin plate and the independent special parts of the stainless steel base which receive and divide the loads.

The motor is sealed with a mechanical seal that protects it from the entry of suspensions of its drilling water (sand, etc.) and a similar sealing arrangement is also available for the motor power cable when. The mechanical protection of this cable is achieved by placing it along the entire length of the pump assembly

 * The description refers to the   6 ", 8", 10 " motors.

IDROS ecotech 6'' Submersible Motors

Produced for wells 157mm internal diameter, ecotech Submersible Motor Series, comes with a choice of stainless steel or bronze, filled with non-toxic dielectric oil. Ecotech Submersible Motors lowers the total cost of ownership, thanks to its high efficiency. Water lubricated radial and Kingsburry type axial bearings are maintenance-free. Pressure balancing between inner and outer side with a rubber membrane at the bottom side and with a pressure plug at the top side of the motor. All Idros product is delivered after they pass the 100% quality control and tests.


  • Built for the 157 mm inner diameter and larger wells.
  • Rewindable stator reduce repair and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership with high efficiency.
  • Motors are filled with the mixture of water and glycol.
  • Maintenance-free water lubricated radial and axial (Kingsburry) bearings.
  • Pressure balancing between inner and outer side with a rubber membrane at the bottom side and with a pressure plug at the top side of the motor.
  • Quality control with %100 inspection and shipment after approval tests.

Standard Specifications

  • 5,5 HP - 60 HP Three phase
  • 380 V 50 Hz
  • Nema shaft end, Nema flange
  • Water lubricated
  • Operates both vertical and inclined
  • Voltage tolerance ± % 10
  • Max. water temperature 30 °C
  • Speed 2900 rpm
  • SiC Mechanical Seal ( IP68 )
  • Rewindable class B insulation
  • Starts per hour : 10


  • Cable Lenght
  • Pt 100 temperature sensor
  • Hot water applications
  • Rewindable class F insulation
  • Material inox 420-316
  • 50 Hz : 400 V - 415 V
  • 60 Hz : 220 V - 380 V - 460 V
  • Starting  Υ/Δ or DOL