About us

IDROS PUMPS - GANITIS is one of the leading figures in the manufacturing and trade of underwater pumps, motors, steel plumbing pipes and timber products in Greece.

The company continues a family tradition since 1985 and has since pursued its presence to always maintain the completeness of products and services, ready for immediate implementation and operation, while maintaining a factory-owned unit in the 1st kilometer of the road Pella-Thessaloniki, in Pella, since 1992.From his father's George small craft, Yannis Ganitis created this factory and spread his experience and knowledge to his children,Giorgos and Dimitris, who, while respecting this heritage, are holding the reins of the business with unabated efforts to developand offer with the best possible way.Since then, the company proceeded to acquire equipment with five CNC turning machines and electronics and since 1996, manufactures its own submersible pumps and in 2019 its own submersible motor line "Ecotech". The company always focused around one goal: to optimize the quality of products and services. The ISO 9001 certification was acquired from year 2000  for all its activities, which maintains legacy products with a long range and in accordance with international standards that cover all needs of exploiting water resources. With the prestige of our name, achievement and continuous painstaking effort and honesty, we managed to have clients from A to Z.

From the border of Thrace to our islands and Cyprus. From the simple watering of a garden and the directing and irrigation of irrigation to the water supply of a big city and a factory

After years of track record we are proud to be able to cover 15% of our industry in the territory and 70% in northern Greece. We remain faithful to the credibility and consistency at all levels of trade with our partners. Adapting the business primarily on the needs and priorities of our customers, we provide high quality products and services at competitive prices. We constantly invest in modern equipment, in order to improve our products and services.

We are constantly at your disposal to serve you whenever required by the most modern equipment and in conjunction with the work of the Personnel Division we achieve the best coverage of your needs.